Q. When will we receive our order?

A. Orders begin to get decorated when your store closes. It takes between 8 to 12 business days for all orders to be completed after the deadline closes.

Q. Where can I pick up my items?

A. Most school purchases will be distributed back through the school. Club/entertainment/organizations, those items will have direction from the organizing committee on when and where distribution will take place. 

Q. Is shipping available?

A. Shipping is available but not all schools/clubs/entertainment/organizations choose to offer that service. If shipping is available to you store, you will see that option at checkout.

Q. Shipping fees?

A. Shipping fees are calculated at checkout through Canada Post. We do not set those rates nor do we profit from the shipping fees you pay at checkout.

Q. Can I make arrangements to pick up my items from you?

A. Yes, please contact us by phone or email to make arrangements to pick up from our shop. You must contact us when your store closes.

Q. Why does it say sold out?

A. Items that say sold out could mean one of two things: the item is truly out of stock or the complete collection is currently closed for purchases.

Q. Can I exchange or return my purchases?

A. Unfortunately, due to the customizations of the items on each store, they cannot be exchanged or returned unless there is a defect in the garment.